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Sun Machinery proudly builds and services two major brands of transmissions; Clark/Dana, and Allison. We also stock and sell parts for Twin Disk transmissions

Differential Gears
Torque Convertor

We stock several models of each brand that are ready to be shipped to you directly and immediately.  We also build, service, and stock torque converters, valve bodies, and differentials.  Our parts department stocks all parts you will need for you self-service needs, or we can send one of our talented service technicians to assess and repair your machine right on site.

Clark Transmissio Torque Convertor

The Process

  • All parts are carefully cleaned and restored back to like new condition

  • Re-inspection and re-assembly

          -All products are rebuilt with new bearings, seals, and o-rings

          -All transmissions are built with brand new clutches

  • After re-assembly we test all products on our wet brake dyno, under load, to ensure that it functions properly and will perform any task it is faced with

  • After testing all components are sent for final painting and packaging to be shipped

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