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Sun Machinery Jam Ram

The Problem

Closeup of freshly cut logs

Every paper mill in existence experiences costly log jams at the chipper spout, especially mills with drop feed chippers. These bottlenecks instantly stop chip production until the log jam is cleared. Most chipper chute log jams are accompanied by an overflow of logs piling up on top of the jam caused by the continued operation of the chipper feed conveyor. Clearing a log jam can take 30 minutes to several hours and often requires shutting down the chipper motor adding an additional cost for restarting.
The conventional method of using log tongs and a hoist to lift the jammed logs from above is costly in down time. It is also a significant worker safety hazard, for if the chipper is still running and the log jam should loosen and go through, sharp chips can fly out of the chute while workers are in the area. In some cases the tongs or grapple break loose and go through the chipper causing extensive, costly damage to the chipper hardware.

Construction Workers at Sunset
Drop Feed Chipper Spout
Jam Ram

The Solution

Sun Machinery’s “Jam Ram” has now eliminated much of that “over the top” method of dislodging log jams. By using strategically placed hydraulic rams located in the base of the chipper chute and/or spout, the log jam can be jostled and moved upward from underneath. A single operator, manipulating the rams, lifts the log jam up and down and /or rocks it back and forth with independently operated ram controls. These heavy-duty rams exert massive upward and side angled forces on the log jam to dislodge the tangle. A remote video camera can be mounted to allow the operator a view of the log jam as it is manipulated, making the operation extremely safe. After the log jam is removed, the rams retract, returning the spout or chute to its original shape.

Each installation is custom fitted to your chipper chute or spout making it the most efficient and economical system possible. Sun Machinery’s Jam Ram frees most log jams regardless of wood length or species. This patented application is available for your chipper now.

Jam Ram


  • Dislodges most chipper jams from underneath – Not from the top with tongs and a hoist

  • Safer to use – no employee exposure – no more injuries from clearing logs

  • Effective for most log jams within reach of the rams

  • Lessens the number of times the chipper motor has to shut down.

  • Clears most jams in under a minute

  • Upward push of over 10 tons to dislodge log jams

  • 5” diameter steel rams

  • Ram extensions to 30”

  • Heavy-duty 2500-psi hydraulic system

  • Reduces extended downtime

  • Reduces emergency chipper hardware

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