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Sun Machinery introduces the new JC40 Bearing Replacement

Are you tired of the high cost of OEM bearing replacements?  Are you fed up with having no choice, being forced to buy products or services you don't need?

Do you want to break the monopoly of OEM replacement and significantly reduce you maintenance cost?

If so, Sun Machinery Co. has teamed with ROTEK to develope a superior alternative bearing.  We would love to show you how we can cut your replacement cost by 30-40 percent





Sun Machinery rebuilds, repairs, services, and stocks LeTourneau Parts and Machines

Gear Boxes

  • Tilt Boxes

  • Hoist Boxes

  • Steering Boxes

  • Kicker Boxes

  • Tusk Boxes

  • #5 Boxes (JC40 Crane)

  • Trolley (JC40 Crane)

  • Hoist (JC40 Crane)

Wheel Motors

  • C9 Wheel Motors

  • C10 Wheel Motors

  • L1 Wheel Motors


  • C3 Drivers

  • C4 Drivers

  • NC Drivers

AC/DC Motors

  • 2-speed AC Motors (JC40/45)

  • #3 AC Swing Motors (JC40/45)

  • S1 DC Swing Motors  (JC40/45)

  • #2  AC Motors

  • #3 AC Motors

  • #4 AC Motors

Electricomagnetic Brakes

  • #2, 3, 4, 5 Motor Brakes

  • Super Brakes (JC40 Cranes)


  • D7-63k Generators

  • #4 AC Generators

  • #7 AC Generators

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